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Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control Microsoft operating systems now use their own powerful firewall for free by default, but unfortunately they do not use a very simple user interface to create rules for the communication of programs and… And sometimes it gets a bit complicated to do these configurations. Windows Firewall Control is a very useful little program that extends the functionality of Windows Firewall and provides quick access to frequently used Windows Firewall options in neat and simple windows. This program is placed in the Windows tray after execution and allows users to use the Windows Firewall more easily and without spending a lot of time working with the Windows Firewall.
Features of Windows Firewall Control software
Just a small executable file
Full support for executing tasks from the standard user account
Simple and easy visual interface available in system tray
Allow or block an application’s access to the Internet with just one click
Integration of context shell into the right-click menu of executable files
Quick and direct access to editing the Windows firewall from the program interface
Ability to restore previous settings
And …
If you use an antivirus that has a firewall, this software will not work and you must put the software in the antivirus firewall.
Free Kaspersky antivirus, which does not have a firewall, has been used in the software installation and usage training.
In the video tutorial of the software, do not block Microsoft services (such as DNS Client or SVCHost.exe) (in the notification window that opens, the word Microsoft is written in the Signed section)

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