Download McAfee VirusScan Offline Update : SDAT 10589

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McAfee virus scan offline update
Many users still use McAfee Enterprise version antivirus because it provides a version without the need for crack, serial, key, etc., as well as the ease of updating, as well as the power to identify all types of viruses and malicious software.
The usable version of this antivirus for Iranian users is the Enterprise version, since September 2018, due to the blocking of Iranian IPs by the manufacturer, it is not possible to update online and receive offline update files. The only way to update is to use offline update files. is given
2- After receiving the file and decompressing it, just run it to update your antivirus offline.
3- This file only works on the Enterprise version and does not update other products of this company.
4- Another name of this file is McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update.

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