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Windows Error Message Creator software
Windows Error Message Creator software is an interesting and special tool for creating custom error messages and displaying them on the screen. With this software, you can create completely customized message windows using the desired text, buttons, logo and icon and display them on the screen. Of course, these messages are superficial. But they can shock your friend or contain a special message like happy birthday.
Show special windows
Also, the Windows Error Message Creator software has the ability to display a partition formatting window with the desired settings according to the user’s Windows on the screen. Surely, your friend will get angry and lose his arms and legs when he sees this window. Another feature of this program is to display the Windows blue screen with the option to select the error code and name, which contains an explanation of the reason for the Windows crash.
Some of the features of Windows Error Message Creator software are:
Creating Windows error messages in different ways
The ability to display messages with the default modes of questioning, notification, warning, etc.
Ability to display different buttons with labels OK/Cance/Yes/No/Retry/Ignore/Abort
Defining the text of the title bar and the text in the error message window
Making completely customized messages as desired
Ability to define button labels in custom mode
The ability to create inactive buttons in the message window
The possibility of displaying the desired image instead of the message icon
Display the fake window of formatting the desired drive
Display the Windows death screen (blue screen) with the desired message
Unicode and Farsi language support in the message text
Suitable for joking with friends and acquaintances
And …

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