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Attribute Changer When you create a file or folder on your computer, Windows assigns attributes such as date and time of installation or creation to it by default, which you may want to change. This work can be done by Windows itself, but as you know, doing such things in Windows is a bit tedious and complicated. Attribute Changer allows you to easily change attributes of files such as date of creation, last access and time of last modification and even remove them from System, Hidden or Read Only mode. In addition, you will be able to configure the software according to the corrections you want to make for a large number of files or folders, and thus apply those changes to an unlimited number of files or folders.
Features of Attribute Manager software
Changing the known properties of files and folders
Apply group changes
Modify and change the date and time of installation or creation
Process files in a folder
Configure and save custom settings in the app for reuse
And …

Required system

Operation Systems
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
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