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FontDoctor is the name of a practical, light and useful software that helps its users to easily find font problems and eliminate the damage caused to the performance and computer programs. The detection process of this software has two main goals, firstly identifying font problems and fixing them and secondly cleaning your font library. By removing duplicate fonts, not only more memory will be available to you, but it will be easier to find the desired font among other fonts. FontDoctor can do everything from checking a single font to finding and checking all fonts. Once the software has checked all the fonts, it will categorize them and display them in a list for you so that you can decide how to fix possible problems.
The new AutoScan feature automatically protects your font library. For automatic checking, you can specify a specific time period, for example, a day, a week, and a month. You can also select other folders in which fonts are stored in addition to the Windows fonts folder so that all of them are automatically checked. In this way, you will be warned when there is a problem with the fonts folder.
Some features and capabilities of FontDoctor:

  • Find and repair fonts automatically
  • Find duplicate fonts
    – It works silently in the background of Windows and only alerts you if it finds a problem
  • Execution at regular daily, weekly or monthly intervals
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