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Deep Freeze is a software that can be used in schools, internet cafes, universities, personal use, etc. It doesn’t matter if the changes and settings have been made by the user or programs and viruses have infected Windows, just a computer is enough. Restart yourself to reset all changes. You don’t need any expertise or knowledge for this, all you have to do is install Deep Freeze.
Even if Windows is deleted, Deep Freeze is able to restore it, and for this it does not need to occupy the hard disk or anything else, and the interesting thing is that after installing this program and as long as you use it, your computer does not slow down. and even in some cases it has been seen that it adds a bit to its speed.
Some features of Deep Freeze
Administrator settings are encrypted with a custom code
Up to 15 different passwords for three modes can be set in advance for Workstations and expiration dates can be defined for them.
Generation of one-time or one-day password
The ability to optionally disable the mouse and keyboard when performing maintenance operations
Generate preset installation file
Setting Freeze and Thaw drives in advance
Timing for automatic restart or shutdown
Setting to turn off the computer after a period of inactivity
Setting automatic timing to get out of freeze mode and perform Windows updates or update antivirus definitions and…
Create a virtual drive that can be used to save files and programs you want
Setting the volume and file system of virtual drive FAT, FAT32, NTFS –
Remote setup by Console or Command Line
Centralized management
To prevent the serial from being disabled, put the software in the antivirus or Windows firewall

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