Download Red Giant VFX Suite 3.1.0 Win/Mac

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Red Giant VFX Suite is a powerful plugin collection that is the most powerful plugin for creating 3D light and lens in Premiere and Effects. Red Giant VFX Suite includes more than 100 lighting effects and 3D lenses to make the images captured by the user look more like stunning images from Hollywood movies. The software provides the ability to create stunning special effects. CGI effects such as natural scenes of water, fire, light rays and much more. This software also has tools for editing and cleaning images from undesirable elements and has plugins to create shadows and light reflections from image elements, which allows creating VFX images.

Installation guide

Be connected to the Internet.
Unzip the file.
Install Maxon_App_3.1.1_Win.exe file.
Install the VFX Suite Installer.exe file.
Install the RedGiant Activation Service Unlocker.exe file.
Enter the Adobe program and use the filters.

How to Download

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