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Pointstone Total Privacy is a reliable software to protect personal data and user privacy by stopping small spy programs such as cookies, history, index.dat, competitors (and even the boss) that regularly try to steal information. collect from you and track you (these tracking programs often run with browsers).
This security tool can be used to clean the sensitive and personal information of different parts of the operating system that may be misused by others due to being stored in files and information. In fact, this software monitors the various parts of the system where information is stored, and if there is any information that may cause security problems for users, it cleans it.
Internet software such as browsers, which are an interface between users and the Internet, must also support users’ personal information. Many of these softwares automatically store users’ files and information so that users can use them when necessary and do not need to enter them. For example, a user takes care of his bank account through the Internet during a week and enters his username and password to log into his account. In browsers such as IE, there is a feature for storing passwords, users can use them to save passwords, and they no longer need to enter usernames and passwords every time they enter their work environment, which is very dangerous in terms of security. is. Total Privacy helps you to completely delete this stored information.
Key features of Pointstone Total Privacy software:

  • Clearing the cache of IE browser files
  • Clearing history files in this browser
  • Clearing stored cookies and addresses stored in AddressBar
  • Clearing the files in the Temporary Files folder
  • Clearing additional system files on the hard disk that are not needed in order to create more space on the hard disk
  • And …
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