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Yandex Browser Yandex Browser is a safe and professional browser that is easy to use, especially for searching and surfing the Internet. Yandex Browser uses the same engine that Google Chrome and Safari use for themselves, that is, the webkit search engine design, and the results are provided based on open and available sources. This browser not only guarantees you a high search speed, but by using the turbo system it has, it will be activated and work when your internet connection is weak, and of course it has the ability to know about the sites Harmful that may endanger your Windows security, warn and check uploaded files with kaspersky and find viruses.
Yandex Browser has another feature called smart box, which allows the user to simultaneously find the address of a site and search for user comments on the related field, without having to open a new page. The first look you take at this browser will not surprise you because it is very similar to the original design of Chrome, but the winning card of this software is its new tab page, which gives you a view of Windows 8 and the possibility of adding, connecting , or remove widgets. These widget windows inform you of the latest weather and traffic news, while the Gmail news window only informs you of the number of messages or the Facebook window informs you of your friends’ activities.
Another feature of this browser is that it allows the user to change the background view of the page and use any photo or image as an alternative, in addition, the feature of classifying programs and features such as bookmarks, translation of pages, simultaneous access. To bookmarks and…, you can easily access pages without having to type their full addresses.
The main emphasis of this program is on protecting important user information that others do not have permission to access, and this is done by obtaining your permission when blocking or opening cookies of the executed pages. Finally, at the end of the work, like an anonymous and secret person, it automatically clears all cookies and functions and allows you to install various attachments.
All in all, the Yandex browser is a powerful program with many features and capabilities, like other reliable browsers on the market. The view of Windows 8, special widgets, professional translation of pages, and the possibility of speeding up page loading, have distinguished this browser from its competitors.

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