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Casit Guard (file and folder lock) version 8.0 Casit Guard has certainly happened to you many times that you wanted to put a lock and password on your files and folders and prevent them from being accessed by others and the security of your files. Establish yourself and for this purpose you have tried many softwares that did not give you desired results.
But now Cassit software company has released a new version of the very useful and practical Cassit protection software, which, in addition to the many features it has, is designed in the sweet Persian language and made available to all Iranians and you, the dear user. By using it, you can protect your files and folders from others.
Cassette protector designed by Ali Nasiri is a software that is used to lock your personal files and folders and provides you with this possibility so that you can save your desired files in addition to the folders. It is super locked so that others cannot access your files and folders in any way.
Key features and capabilities of the software:
Persian language software
High graphics and exclusive flat design
Simple and user-friendly environment
It has a suitable user interface
Support of different types of files and formats
Support for common documents to lock
Extremely high security in protecting files and folders
Automatic change of folder icons after locking
No access to files and folders after locking
Securing files and folders from viruses or information hacking
Protection of locked information against spyware attacks
Ability to hide files and folders after locking
The possibility of making files and folders inaccessible
Virtually emptying the contents of the locked folder
Very high speed in locking files and folders
Protection of files and folders in Windows and DOS even after removing the software
Unable to copy, cut, rename, delete locked folders
Lock and protect an unlimited number of files and folders
No hacking of the software against the attack to open files and folders
Has a history system (list of locked and favorite folders)
The possibility of backing up and restoring software information
The possibility of changing the password to enter the software (coded and unhackable)
The possibility of sending a copy of the login password to your email
It has settings section for better management
Ability to update the software
High power along with the small volume of the software
Persian guide to use the software
Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
Support of fat, fat32, ntfs drives
Tested and compatible with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
Features added to the new version:
Fixing all the bugs of the previous version
Complete software rewrite
Flat and completely exclusive design
Adding a new security layer to the software
Automatic backup of the list of folders and saving it (encoded)
Improving the locking system and increasing the security of locked information
Complete change of the database system and the use of encryption algorithms
Coding the password to enter the software to prevent hacking
Optimizing the server to update the software
Reduce the size of the software
And …

  • The initial login password to the software is 1, which you can change to your desired password through the “change password” option.
  • Due to the basic changes in the software, users who have used the previous versions must unlock all the locked files and folders and install the new version after removing the previous version from the system.
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