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VirtualBox is a software box that allows you to run multiple virtual operating systems in one operating system. For example, it provides the possibility of running Linux in Windows without the need to reset the system or define a special menu for the type of hard drive formatting. VirtualBox, which uses a very simple user interface, has a more proportionate volume than similar software. VirtualBox also supports almost all operating systems. Windows, Linux, Macintosh, DOS and other types of operating systems will be fully supported in this tool. The interesting thing about this software is that it is even able to support Windows 7 so that users can easily install it first.
In the VirtualBox program, all hardware components can be easily limited and adjusted for the use of software for operating systems. In addition, a part of the hard disk can be considered as virtual for operating systems with a special format, while there is no damage to the original space.
Features of VirtualBox
Ability to install 15 types of Windows and 24 types of Linux and 17 other operating systems
The ability to transfer files between the main and installed operating systems
The ability to establish a network without any special settings between two systems
The ability to work with the USB port in the installed operating system
The ability to install all types of Windows and Linux servers
Ability to move and transfer mouse and keyboard automatically between operating systems
The possibility of taking pictures of the environment of the installed operating system
Ability to use ISO file and CD and DVD drive to install operating system
Ability to determine RAM and hard drive size for each virtual computer
Ability to work with floppy drive
Ability to share a folder between the original and installed operating system
The possibility of running several operating systems at the same time if there is enough RAM
Installing the appropriate drivers in the installed operating system
The possibility of installing the DOS operating system (DOS)
The possibility of direct access to the installed operating system from another system
In order to install 64-bit operating systems, it is necessary to activate the virtualization function of the processor and the Virtual Technology option must be active on your motherboard. Otherwise, you can only install 32-bit operating systems.

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