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TrueCafe Internet Cafe Software To set up an Internet cafe, different software and hardware are needed, one of the most important of which is software for managing users, controlling their accounts, and restricting different parts of the operating system to maintain its security. Antamedia Internet Cafe is one of the most complete software for this purpose.
Features of TrueCafe Internet Cafe Software:
Time control and bandwidth management among computers and network games
Accurate calculation of the income of each computer
Monitoring users’ computers, time control, user data retention, security settings and real-time reports
Right to use users by entering username and password
Preventing the execution of the command Ctrl+Alt+Del and other system keys, not showing hard disk drives, preventing access to browser settings, control panel and any other section that manages it, as well as locking the screen when not using the computer
Doing things like locking and unlocking users’ computers, shutting down or restarting them, and even viewing desktops live by the central server.
Online customer chat with the system manager or with other customers on site
Volume management in users’ operating systems by the system administrator and changing the user’s computer
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