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AntiBrowserSpy Most browsers today send information about their users to their developers. Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc. are among the famous browsers that provide privacy information of their users to their creators. This information may sometimes be a unique ID that allows the identification of the user or sometimes it may be an address of a website that the user has visited, this information in the most optimistic case can be used as knowledge of the user’s interests for Show ads and… be used. Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy is a tool designed to help users prevent browsers from spying on their computers. This program is also able to erase the user’s internet traces on the system in addition to this unique feature, so that it can help protect the user’s privacy in another way.
Features of AntiBrowserSpy software
Turn off the browser’s spy function
Erasing the user’s internet footprints
Backup browser settings
Automatic cleaning and backup schedule
Support for famous browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Netscape, etc.

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