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Hekasoft Backup & Restore Most users save a lot of information in their browsers while surfing the web and working with the Internet. From bookmarking popular sites to storing passwords and of course installing desired plugins, etc., in such a situation, maintaining the information stored in the browser (making a backup) of this information becomes essential. Hekasoft Backup & Restore is the name of a small, useful and free software that almost supports most popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, Safari, Internet Explorer, Pale Moon, IceDragon, Waterfox, SlimBoat, Avant Browser). allows users to back up the information recorded in these browsers (including cookies, saved passwords, history of opened sites, plugins, toolbars, extensions, etc.) and In the following cases (such as reinstalling Windows), restore and use them easily with just a few simple clicks.

Required system

Operating System


  • Windows 7/8/10



  • .NET Framework 4
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