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Readiris is a smart software that is called OCR software and uses artificial intelligence technology. Readiris software has the ability to recognize and read texts from images. For example, you have a photo of a text file and you want to save the text in the photo on a text document. In the past, the only way to meet this need was to type the text from the photo. But today, with such software, there is no need for this anymore. Readiris software automatically recognizes the text from the photo and presents it to the user in a text document. One of the superior features of this software compared to similar programs is the high accuracy and tools available in it. In this software, we can mention the tools for recognizing the type and language of the text, identifying the text format (heading, footer, paragraphing, etc.) and other tools. This software has the ability to recognize texts in several different languages. Now, with Readiris software, you can convert your paper documents into editable computer text documents using a scanner. This software is a product of I.R.I.S. s.a. is
Features of Readiris software
Separation of text from images with OCR technology
Create PDF documents
Creating XPS documents
Save the scanned document in the desired format
Creating the highest quality documents with the smallest volume with compression technology
Compatibility with different formats as input
Identify the tables in the photos
Scan photos and send separated text directly to email
The existence of various tools to work on images
Simultaneous use of multiple photos

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