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Telemetry is the process of collecting information and measuring parameters from one or more remote and inaccessible stations and transmitting information through a fully automatic communication in such a way that data is sent from remote stations to the monitoring unit and checked by them. . With the expansion of internet communication, these services are expanding day by day, and various companies are receiving automatic reports from users to track the activity of products and improve their efficiency.
Telemetry in Windows
The existence of telemetry services is very important for developers to explain the quality of the product and improve its efficiency, but in many cases they can violate people’s privacy, so that the use of this service in Windows 10 has brought many criticisms to Microsoft due to the violation of privacy. brought private users.
Telemetry in Nvidia drivers
Of course, Windows is not the only one that uses telemetry services to report its work process. Many companies producing hardware and software use this service to check the quality of their products on different systems and solve their problems. Nvidia is one of the prominent manufacturers of graphics cards in the world, which tries to check the quality of its products in different conditions by using telemetry services and tracking user information on existing drivers.
Disable Nvidia Telemetry software
Disable Nvidia Telemetry is a simple, practical and small software that will allow you to disable the telemetry services of Nvidia drivers with a simple click, so you can ensure that your privacy will always be protected from the tracking services of this company. stayed Just run the program and it will show you the number of active telemetry tasks and services related to Nvidia drivers. To activate the existing services, just activate the Telemetry Tasks or Telemetry Services check box and click on the Disable Selected Telemetry button. This program has the ability to restore deactivated telemetry services and reactivate them, so you can simply block or restart these services at any time you wish.
Some features of Disable Nvidia Telemetry software are:
Disable telemetry services and tasks of Nvidia drivers with one click
The possibility of automatic execution in the background and automatic blocking of all services
Creating a log of telemetry processes and displaying them with explanations to you
It has a simple, expressive and uncomplicated environment
Portable and no need to install
And …

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