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DtSearch is a software by which you can quickly search any desired text and return it to desired programs. This product has been used in hundreds of advertising programs. Generally, the applications of this software are in searching and publishing websites that are based on databases, compatibility with information management programs, email filtering, compatibility with a wide range of vertical-market programs. The speed of DtSearch is so high that in the blink of an eye and by spending a little time, it can search the network, internet or intranet sites, terabytes of desktop text, etc. DtSearch is used as a tool for publishing to a large collection of websites or CD/DVD through text search.
Features of DtSearch software
Ability to search in all types of texts, indexes, fields
Support for more than a hundred international languages through Unicode
WYSIWYG format support to display web-ready files
Support for pre-built HTML conversions for non-web-ready files
Support for searching in filters and other classification of data
Support for java, .NET and…
Ability to search in Linux, Java, C++ products and…
And …

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