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Adobe After Effects CS4 is a software for creating cinematic special effects and animated graphics. This software can be used in various things such as making movies, cartoons, mobile videos and internet. You can create attractive effects on your videos and video files in different formats and add to their beauty and finally turn your idea into reality. But one of the usual features of Adobe software is not forgotten in this software, and that is the possibility of use by professional and beginner users, each of whom can benefit from the software’s features according to their needs and knowledge.
Key features of Adobe After Effects CS4 software
Ability to create animated visual effects
Creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated shapes
The possibility of shading two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
There are many effects for editing
Ability to work with multiple cameras for 3D visual effects
The existence of Timeline editing for editing
Layering works like Photoshop
Ability to coordinate with animation scripts
Compatibility with web codes and SWF files
Design animations for web pages and save in SWF format
The presence of simulation effects
3D multi-channel effects
Managing noises in images
Effect for texts
Image animation effects or transitions
Ultimate quality in storage
Fully user-directed animation
The presence of the most complete range of colors to create effects
Compatibility with 32-bit sounds
Parallel processing to increase the speed of software operation
Coordination with other Adobe software
Preview of all functions
Attractive user interface and handy menus
Can be installed on 32-bit systems
And …

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