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NetBalancer is a practical software by which you can prioritize the software that use the Internet based on their importance and, for example, give your browser software a higher rating to load internet pages faster. Considering the volume limitation of services applied by high-speed internet providers, the use of bandwidth management software is completely logical and reasonable. A software such as NetBalancer, despite its small size and simple user interface, provides you with very comprehensive facilities so that you can accurately know how to use your Internet traffic and bandwidth and apply detailed management to it in the best way. Use it optimally.
To prioritize software, there are 6 different ranks that you can assign to each of them. You can also consider a specific limit for a process so that, for example, the file being downloaded can be downloaded up to a certain speed and leave the rest of the bandwidth free. You can make changes to the settings by entering the password. It is also possible to view the traffic of the entire system in the form of a graph.

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