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  • Download Kristanix Software Password Manager Deluxe 3.826

    soft98 Kristanix Software Password Manager Deluxe is a powerful tool for managing passwords used on websites and other tools. This software stores passwords in itself and there is no need for users to always remember all their passwords in their memory. This software uses various software techniques to protect the passwords in the users’ software, and only the program administrator has the ability to access the passwords in the software. In this way, users remember a password and that password is the password of the management software. Also, this software also has tools, among which are file protection tools, tools for creating and creating random passwords, the ability to drag and drop when entering websites and using passwords and … cited.
    Key features of Kristanix Software Password Manager Deluxe:
    Ability to create a master password to lock the database
    Ability to manage passwords
    Adding files to the database and putting a password on them
    The ability to copy data to USB, floppy disk, etc.
    Integrated password generator
    Getting output as text file, HTML, XML and CSV
    Ability to import from text file and CSV
    Regular automatic backup setup
    Quickly connect to web pages using drag and drop
    Ability to quickly search for recovery
    Ability to install icons for easy identification
    Easy copy password to clipboard
    The ability to lock data after a certain period of inactivity
    Ability to print password lists
    Automatic setting of password after completion

  • Download Phrozen Password Revealer 1.1

    Phrozen Password Revealer is a useful tool for recovering passwords saved in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers. Using this useful software, you can recover all your forgotten passwords from any website, including the popular Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Gmail websites.
    Features of Phrozen Password Revealer:
    Recover passwords saved in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers
    Ability to save recovered passwords
    Compatible with different versions of Windows including Windows 8
    And …

  • Download IObit Random Password Generator 1.3

    IObit Random Password Generator Nowadays, passwords play an important role in computers, and most users know how important passwords can be; Sometimes a simple password can destroy very important documents and information easily, or for example, hackers can attack simple passwords that are not secure in any way with a little patience, but if these passwords are chosen in such a way that If signs and symptoms are used in them, they will surely face more security. These types of passwords, which are called Sensetive, include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as symbols, and for this reason, the percentage of them being hacked will be much lower; But the creation of such passwords can be done by using a software called Random Password Generator, which besides being random, the management of passwords is done more professionally, and the user can easily consider an independent password for any task. take This very light tool is extremely easy to use and all users can benefit from this tool. The software is set in such a way that the user can set the form of the items in the passwords, for example the number of letters in the password, this variable is between 6 and 64, which means the user can generate a random password between 6 and 64 letters. . It will be very easy to manage these passwords by using Random Password Generator because you can define the passwords for what software or where they are intended.

  • Download Odin Password Secure Manager 9.8.2

    Odin Password Secure Manager helps you to record all your passwords in an encrypted and secure list with automatic entry-function, and you don’t need to remember each one of them anymore. You can save your passwords in separate groups to make them easier to manage.

  • Download Multi Password Recovery 1.2.9 + Portable

    Multi Password Recovery is the name of the software with which you will be able to recover the passwords of different software. To use this software, which can be used on all Windows Win95/98/W2K/XP/2K3 It is enough to install the software on the system and click on the program to get the desired password. This program has the ability to recover the password of 60 different software in FTP, E-mail, browsers, internet messengers, etc.

  • Download PasswordsPro

    PasswordsPro helps you to hash all passwords in the shortest possible time. This program is able to decode 30 types of hashed passwords.
    A hash can be considered as a digital fingerprint of a data. With this method, you can obtain a fixed-length string from a data that is “one-way” encrypted with mathematical methods. It is almost impossible to efficiently discover the original string from its hash string (reverse operation). Another point is that each data creates a completely unique hashed string (the probability of the hash strings of two different strings being the same in the MD5 algorithm is one in 3.4028236692093846346337460743177e+38.. These properties make hashing in an efficient and idea way. Al converts to store passwords in your programs. Why? Because even if a hacker can break into your system and database and obtain part of your information (including hashed passwords) ) cannot recover the original passwords from them.
    Features of PasswordsPro software:
    7 types of attacks to recover passwords to hashes
    Easy and fast handling of large hash lists
    Recover passwords up to 127 characters long
    Password recovery for any type of incomplete hash string
    Recover passwords in Unicode
    Support for third-party hashing modules developed by the developer
    Support for using plugins
    Edit user hashes and other data
    Add a hash to a list from a text file using a dialog window or clipboard
    Copy the hash string and found passwords to the clipboard
    Output hash string to text file or HTML
    Ability to search the list of users with a hash string
    Check existing passwords against all users or selected users in the list
    Checking user hashes and passwords
    Hash index sorting
    Automatic accumulation of passwords found in the file “PasswordsPro.dic”
    Support for “hidden” operating mode – when the program appears on the taskbar
    Generate random passwords with specified parameters
    And …

  • Download Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle Forensic Edition 2015.01

    Elcomsoft Password Recovery is the latest version of the software to recover all the passwords of the application software! This software, which is one of the most popular and widely used software in the world, can recover the password of any famous application software for you with just one click! For example, you entered the internet connection password and now you don’t remember it and you want to change Windows! With this software, it will show you the password with one click. Or the password of Yahoo Messenger, or your site’s FTP and MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Trillian, Miranda, Paltalk, Digsby, Outlook, Outlook Express, Outlook PST File, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Dialup, Internet Explorer, Firefox , MS Access, SmartFTP, FileZilla, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, AutoFTP, Camfrog Video Chat, etc and…

  • Download Kaspersky Password Manager

    Kaspersky Password Manager is a software for active Internet users. This tool completely automates the process of entering passwords and other data into websites and saves the user from the trouble of remembering different passwords. When you use Kaspersky Password Manager to log in. , you can make sure that your data is safe, all your confidential data is encrypted and stored in a dedicated database on your computer. This software creates strong and reliable passwords and prevents the theft of your log in information.
    Features of Kaspersky Password Manager software:
    The ability to access websites and software with just one click
    Saving passwords in a fully encrypted database
    Protection from phishing attacks
    Completely secure entry of input information to enter websites
    Create super strong passwords
    Ability to create unique passwords for each account
    Automatic backup
    Prevent your entered information from being stolen
    Effective protection against keyloggers
    And …
    Main features:
    Easy access to sites with one click
    Kaspersky Password Manager saves your usernames with all associated passwords. When you return to the site, it will provide all your login information automatically. Kaspersky Password Manager also works with software that requires authentication.
    Safe storage of all passwords and personal information
    Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores your passwords and personal information in a dedicated encrypted database on your computer. Saved passwords can be accessed by a master password or other user-defined authentication methods. This method ensures that your passwords are safe and prevents them from being stolen by criminals.
    Choose an authentication method
    Kaspersky Password Manager helps you control access to your password database with a master password or by using USB or Bluetooth devices. You can even use your mobile phone, so that the passwords will only be available when your mobile phone is connected to the computer via Bluetooth, and if you leave your computer and take your mobile phone with you, the password database will It is automatically locked.
    Generate strong and reliable passwords
    The security of your data directly depends on how strong your passwords are. Users often have similar passwords for different accounts, which means that by obtaining just one password, cybercriminals can gain access to many of your accounts. Kaspersky Password Manager generates passwords that are very weak to hack and obtain.
    The bundled version uses Flash
    Kaspersky Password Manager provides access to passwords when you are away from the computer without the need to install software. The portable version can be run by various types of portable devices including flash drives. If the device is removed, Kaspersky Password Manager automatically locks the password database and deletes any traces of data from the existing device.
    Automatic completion of long forms
    Website forms often require entering personal information such as: name and surname, date of birth, email address, phone number, etc. Kaspersky Password Manager will automatically fill these types of forms according to the information you have already provided.
    Multiple accounts for one website services
    Sometimes, multiple passwords need to be stored for a particular website. For example, you may have multiple emails for different purposes all registered with the same email server. Kaspersky Password Manager can save multiple usernames for a specific server and use each of them when you want to log in.
    Automatic backup of the database
    Kaspersky Password Manager automatically creates a backup copy of the password database on your computer. You can recover your passwords in case the database is accidentally lost.
    Effective protection against Keyloggers
    Keyloggers are malware programs that illegally record keyboard input characters from a victim’s computer in order to use them to obtain personal information and passwords. Kaspersky Password Manager enters passwords without using the keyboard, thus protecting your personal information from keyloggers.
    Protection from Phishing attacks
    Phishing is a type of malicious attack in which cybercriminals invite users to visit seemingly legitimate sites in order to obtain account information.
    KaspeSky Password Manager effectively counters Phishing attacks by first checking the site’s URL and then entering your login information.

  • Download Wondershare PDF Password Remover Win/Mac

    Wondershare PDF Password Remover is for removing password and restriction (password owner) of PDF files. This software makes it easy for you to copy, edit and print PDF files after decoding. Just right-click on the desired PDF file and select Wondershare PDF Password Remover to remove the PDF password within a second. No need to install Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat software is one of the other features of this program.
    Features of Wondershare PDF Password Remover:
    Remove password and lock PDF
    Very easy to use
    No need for Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat
    Remove editing, printing and copying restrictions in seconds
    Support 128bit-RC4 decoding

  • Download Maxidix Password Angel 14.11.5 Build 1050

    Password Angel If you also use passwords, PIN codes and tracking numbers in your system, and in general many work passwords for online shopping accounts, Web Forums, e-mails, bank accounts, etc., and it is possible If someone gets access to your passwords by writing them down or you are worried about forgetting them, Password Angel is a software in this field that helps you to store all your passwords in an encrypted and secure list with Entry -Automatic function, register and don’t need to remember each and every one of them.

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