• Serious Sam 4

    Download game Serious Sam 4 for PC

    The Adventure Sam game series is considered one of the most unique classic first-person shooters that have entertained several generations of gamers. Croteam studio has returned to the headlines after a ten-year absence and has released a new version of this franchise called Serious Sam 4, produced by Devolver Digital. This fascinating series of games has been a gathering for lovers of excitement and killing zombies and strange creatures, and as always, you can find…

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  • Hello Neighbor

    Download game Secret Neighbor for PC

    The first work that opened the neighbor’s feet to video games was the game Neighbor Hell; This game was a funny experience of annoying the neighbor in different ways. In 2015, Dynamic Pixels released another neighbor experience in Hello Neighbor, which was not as successful as it should have been. This studio, produced by tinyBuild, started producing another game called Secret Neighbor, which was released in 2019 and was able to receive very positive comments…

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  • Inops

    Download Inops game for PC

    ‎A number of games are made specifically for handheld consoles to make it easier to control. Transferring this gameplay to the normal mode is not easy for all studios. ZRZStudio has come into action with its first game. Inops game takes us in the middle of a very beautiful and eye-catching world. This 2D world is filled with various puzzles and riddles. All you have to do is play your way through the various monsters…

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  • Curse of the Dead Gods

    Download Curse of the Dead Gods game for PC

    The rogue-like genre was inspired by the game Rogue released in 1980. This game was so successful that a genre came out of it, and in the previous generation of consoles, we saw the explosion of its popularity and we saw successful games in this regard. Each of the developers has advanced this genre in some way, and Passtech Games studio, with the help of Focus Home Interactive, has repeated exactly the same thing. Curse…

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  • Take That

    Download Take That game for PC

    Take That is a new game in the style of action and adventure game series that was developed in 2020 by S.Y. GAMES is developed and released for PC. The new computer game that we have prepared for you, dear users, from the Daramesh site in this article, brings you an attractive and western experience in the West, in which you play the role of a skilled shooter. This game has different modes that you…

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  • Battletoads

    Download Battletoads game for PC

    The Battletoads game series is a product of a strange time from the 90s in America. These games were created to compete with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and were first released in 1991. The same famous kill and go formula is seen in all versions of the game. A lot of time has passed since the release of the last version of the game, and now is a good time for the modern…

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  • Mortal Shell

    Download Mortal Shell game for PC

    Whatever we say about FromSoftware’s service to video games, we have said little. The Souls game series has undoubtedly inspired dozens of different games from major game studios and has become a successful formula for making profits. Cold Symmetry Studio, produced by Playstack, has started producing a similar game. Mortal Shell is a fascinating action role-playing game that challenges your abilities in a destroyed world. Here, no one shows mercy to the other and the…

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  • watch_dogs

    Download Watch Dogs game for PC – FitGirl compressed version

    Watch Dogs game was developed and designed by Ubisoft for personal computers. This game is the first version of the Watch Dogs game series, which has many fans and is very popular. The story of the game takes place in 2003 in America. During an accident, anarchy and disorder arise all over America and the peace and order of the people is in great danger. This happened by a hacker named Raymond Kenney, who disrupted…

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  • TROUBLESHOOTER Abandoned Children

    Download TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children game for PC

    TROUBLESHOOTER is an episodic series that was recently developed by independent studio Dandylion in the style of role-playing and turn-based strategy and was released on April 23, 2020. The story of the game is told in a country called Valhalla, which has three different poles of power. In a strange move, the leaders of this country banned the military and continues to work without them. Some time after this incident, the government of Valhalla decides…

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  • Creaks

    Download Creaks game for PC

    The famous studio Amanita Design is back with a new game! This game company has released unique titles to the independent game market in the last decade. Maybe you have heard more about the Machinaruim game of this studio. The games of this studio all follow a certain design style, and this time it is the Creaks game that wants to be memorable. This game starts from the place where the ground shakes, the lights…

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