• Serious Sam 4

    Download game Serious Sam 4 for PC

    The Adventure Sam game series is considered one of the most unique classic first-person shooters that have entertained several generations of gamers. Croteam studio has returned to the headlines after a ten-year absence and has released a new version of this franchise called Serious Sam 4, produced by Devolver Digital. This fascinating series of games has been a gathering for lovers of excitement and killing zombies and strange creatures, and as always, you can find…

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  • Crusader Kings III

    Download Crusader Kings III game for PC

    Catapults lined up, the only line of defense is a solid stone fortress guarded by hundreds of skilled marksmen. The command to attack is given by the appearance of the North Star, and that’s how another kingdom goes to the bottom of the earth. The Crusader Kings game series is one of the best medieval strategy titles that has gained many fans in recent years. After two successful releases, Paradox Interactive is back with a…

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  • Inmost

    Download Inmost game for PC

    Losing a friend and loved one presents a very difficult situation for a person, which is not easy to overcome. This sadness has had a great impact on the studio Hidden Layer Games, and this studio has started producing the game Inmost in collaboration with Chucklefish. This game is a pixel platformer that will stay in your mind for a long time with its special and dark design. Escape from the depths of the dark…

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  • Tell Me Why

    Download Tell Me Why game for PC

    Undoubtedly, Dontnod Entertainment is the master of story games. We only need to look at its rich portfolio to see popular games like Life is Strange. Some time ago, this studio decided to create a new story game produced by Xbox Game Studios, and that’s how the Tell Me Why game emerged from the collaboration. This game tells the story of twins who reunite after 10 years of separation to sell their old house, but…

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  • Take That

    Download Take That game for PC

    Take That is a new game in the style of action and adventure game series that was developed in 2020 by S.Y. GAMES is developed and released for PC. The new computer game that we have prepared for you, dear users, from the Daramesh site in this article, brings you an attractive and western experience in the West, in which you play the role of a skilled shooter. This game has different modes that you…

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  • Mortal Shell

    Download Mortal Shell game for PC

    Whatever we say about FromSoftware’s service to video games, we have said little. The Souls game series has undoubtedly inspired dozens of different games from major game studios and has become a successful formula for making profits. Cold Symmetry Studio, produced by Playstack, has started producing a similar game. Mortal Shell is a fascinating action role-playing game that challenges your abilities in a destroyed world. Here, no one shows mercy to the other and the…

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  • watch_dogs

    Download Watch Dogs game for PC – FitGirl compressed version

    Watch Dogs game was developed and designed by Ubisoft for personal computers. This game is the first version of the Watch Dogs game series, which has many fans and is very popular. The story of the game takes place in 2003 in America. During an accident, anarchy and disorder arise all over America and the peace and order of the people is in great danger. This happened by a hacker named Raymond Kenney, who disrupted…

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  • Immortal Legacy The Jade Cipher

    Download Immortal Legacy The Jade Cipher game for PC

    Virtual reality technology has made great progress over the past few years. If we look at the past few years, we will see games that, despite the great efforts of the developers, did not really catch on. The advent of PSVR and Oculus headsets changed the industry forever. Inspired by similar games, Viva Games studio has produced a great title. The game Immortal Legacy The Jade Cipher takes us to the heart of Chinese legends,…

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  • TROUBLESHOOTER Abandoned Children

    Download TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children game for PC

    TROUBLESHOOTER is an episodic series that was recently developed by independent studio Dandylion in the style of role-playing and turn-based strategy and was released on April 23, 2020. The story of the game is told in a country called Valhalla, which has three different poles of power. In a strange move, the leaders of this country banned the military and continues to work without them. Some time after this incident, the government of Valhalla decides…

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  • Grounded

    Download Grounded game for PC

    It is rare that we think about the greatness of the world and its vastness, but when we are as small as an ant, even our backyard will seem like a huge forest. Grounded game has entered the video game market with an interesting idea. All existing characters have become the size of an ant and this creates a great challenge for their survival. Can you escape from the clutches of big insects and survive?…

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