• Serious Sam 4

    Download game Serious Sam 4 for PC

    The Adventure Sam game series is considered one of the most unique classic first-person shooters that have entertained several generations of gamers. Croteam studio has returned to the headlines after a ten-year absence and has released a new version of this franchise called Serious Sam 4, produced by Devolver Digital. This fascinating series of games has been a gathering for lovers of excitement and killing zombies and strange creatures, and as always, you can find…

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  • The Colonists

    Download The Colonists game for PC

    Construction simulator games have been fascinating and entertaining since the old days when they were only dedicated to the construction of big cities to today where they cover many subjects. In these games, you will manage and design many things, from modern or futuristic big cities to factories, prisons, amusement parks, zoos, etc., the high variety of this style, along with the attractive gameplay that awakens the player’s sense of creativity, is the factor. It…

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  • Risk of Rain 2

    Download Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary game for PC

    Escape from a planet about to be destroyed by barrage of monsters and strange looking creatures. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or if you have a friend by your side, the main goal is to escape from the hell that is getting worse every moment. Risk of Rain 2 is the sequel to the previous game by Hopoo Games Studio, which was published by Gearbox Publishing. This exciting work is in the rogue-like…

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  • Smart City Plan

    Download Smart City Plan game for PC

    Being an architect is an attractive job for many. Many of us, seeing the appearance of our city, wish we were in the place of a great architect and would change the face of the city with new buildings and areas. The opportunity to do this is only given to us in video games, and Ambiera Studio has worked to fulfill our long-standing wish. Smart City Plan game is a modern city building game. In…

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  • Godhood

    Download Godhood game for PC

    Religion has had a great impact on the planet. From the establishment of places of worship to crusades and new governments; All these are among the results of religions and religions. Abbey Games studio has decided to release the game Godhood, focusing on different religions. In this game you will create a new religion and then you will spread its borders around the world. This is a turn-based strategy game that depicts the stages of…

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  • Monster Train

    Download Monster Train game for PC

    Hell has now stopped and only you can throw the last sparks of fire at the forces of heaven and flow eternity. The Monster Train game gives a new layer to strategic card games and puts a variety of battlefields in front of you so that you can fight for hours. Shiny Shoe Studio in collaboration with the publisher of the game, Good Shepherd Entertainment, has just introduced this fascinating game to the market and…

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  • Inops

    Download Inops game for PC

    ‎A number of games are made specifically for handheld consoles to make it easier to control. Transferring this gameplay to the normal mode is not easy for all studios. ZRZStudio has come into action with its first game. Inops game takes us in the middle of a very beautiful and eye-catching world. This 2D world is filled with various puzzles and riddles. All you have to do is play your way through the various monsters…

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  • Curse of the Dead Gods

    Download Curse of the Dead Gods game for PC

    The rogue-like genre was inspired by the game Rogue released in 1980. This game was so successful that a genre came out of it, and in the previous generation of consoles, we saw the explosion of its popularity and we saw successful games in this regard. Each of the developers has advanced this genre in some way, and Passtech Games studio, with the help of Focus Home Interactive, has repeated exactly the same thing. Curse…

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  • Crusader Kings III

    Download Crusader Kings III game for PC

    Catapults lined up, the only line of defense is a solid stone fortress guarded by hundreds of skilled marksmen. The command to attack is given by the appearance of the North Star, and that’s how another kingdom goes to the bottom of the earth. The Crusader Kings game series is one of the best medieval strategy titles that has gained many fans in recent years. After two successful releases, Paradox Interactive is back with a…

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  • Inmost

    Download Inmost game for PC

    Losing a friend and loved one presents a very difficult situation for a person, which is not easy to overcome. This sadness has had a great impact on the studio Hidden Layer Games, and this studio has started producing the game Inmost in collaboration with Chucklefish. This game is a pixel platformer that will stay in your mind for a long time with its special and dark design. Escape from the depths of the dark…

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