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  • fontcreator

    Download FontCreator Pro + Portable

    High-Logic FontCreator software that allows you to create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts. FontCreator is known as one of the required and powerful design tools for graphic designers and typography experts, and the easy user interface of this software has made it possible for even novice users to create fonts. In FontCreator software, features are provided for fonts so that you can improve the quality of your fonts. Also, tools have been added to…

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  • free-font-renamer

    Download Free Font Renamer v2.1

    Free Font Renamer is a software for changing the names of fonts, if you have a large number of fonts that may have been renamed, you can easily and quickly rename them in a group using this software. Changed the fonts to the original name, and if there is a duplicate font in the collection, you can identify it.Key features of Free Font Renamer software: Changing the group name of font files The ability to…

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  • fontographer

    Download Fontographer 5.2.3 Build 4868

    Fontographer is a software with the help of which you can easily design new letters and customize existing fonts and as a result have high quality fonts that can be used in different operating systems. In fact, Fontographer is designed to help you create new fonts, modify existing fonts, add additional characters, fix faulty fonts, and convert old fonts into a new format. Unlike most font editors, this software has an easy and efficient intuitive…

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  • typetool

    دانلود TypeTool v3.1.2 build 4868 – نرم افزار ساخت و ویرایش انواع فونت

    TypeTool ابزاری را برای طراحی و ویرایش فونت ها در اختیار کاربران قرار می دهد. با استفاده از این نرم افزار می توانید به راحتی فونت های جدیدی که مد نظر دارید را بسازید و یا فونت هایی که از پیش در ویندوز نصب شده اند را به برنامه وارد کنید و آن ها را مطابق با سلیقه ی خود ویرایش نمایید. این نرم افزار با دارا بودن امکاناتی چون داشتن بیش از 65000 حرف،…

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  • FontLab.Studio

    Download FontLab Win/Mac + Portable 

    FontLab is a utility software that allows you to design and edit your favorite fonts in a graphic and familiar environment. FontLab has various tools in its design environment for the ease of your work. It has the ability to import and export all types of common font formats. It is equipped with various filters to make your design as beautiful as you like. FontLab has special encodings for compatibility of designed fonts with all…

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  • fontdoctor

    Download FontDoctor

    FontDoctor is the name of a practical, light and useful software that helps its users to easily find font problems and eliminate the damage caused to the performance and computer programs. The detection process of this software has two main goals, firstly identifying font problems and fixing them and secondly cleaning your font library. By removing duplicate fonts, not only more memory will be available to you, but it will be easier to find the…

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  • BitFontCreator-Pro

    دانلود BitFontCreator.Pro نرم افزار طراحی ایجاد و ویرایش فونت

    FontConvertor یک ابزار طراحی، ایجاد یا ویرایش فونت است که به شما کمک می کند که یک فونت را از پایه ایجاد کنید یا فونت دلخواه خود را ویرایش کنید . فرمتهایی که این نرم افزار از آن پشتیبانی می کند شامل : True Type ، PostScript ، FNT،, OTF OTB, TTC, ABF, AFM, BDF, DFONT و خیلی های دیگر است . این ابزار بسیار کارآمدی برای این است که فونت های عجیب و غریب…

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