• OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Platinum

    Download OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Gold 2022 v19.60.1475

    OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Platinum OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Gold is one of the software made to copy, burn and decode movies and videos with Blu-ray quality. DVD-Cloner Gold software is able to copy Blu-ray movies in the best way, and in this software, it is tried to provide the best quality of movies and files at the time of copying. DVD-Cloner Gold can also copy movies to BD-R/RE format so that the quality of the movies will not…

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  • OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Platinum

    Download OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Platinum 2022 v19.60.1475

    OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Platinum OpenCloner DVD-Cloner Platinum is an application software that has the ability to copy all types of DVDs with the highest quality in images and gives users the pleasure of digital viewing with Blu-ray support. This tool, which has an extremely high operating speed, can copy in a short time and with a quality exactly similar to the original quality, and because it has an internal extractor, there is no need for additional…

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  • Download DVD Drive Repair 9 Build 1805

    Download DVD Drive Repair 9 Build 1805

    DVD Drive Repair Sometimes it happens that the CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows. That is, when you open My Computer, there is no drive icon and you cannot access it. This problem may occur due to a malfunction in Windows files, a malfunction in the registry, or a virus in the system, in which case you can solve this problem with the help of the useful and free DVD Drive Repair…

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  • Download ExplorerFab (DVDFab Virtual Drive) 

    Download ExplorerFab (DVDFab Virtual Drive) 

    ExplorerFab (DVDFab Virtual Drive) is a free and functional software that acts like a real CD/DVD drive and is only virtual. You can easily open the images you have taken with other software with ExplorerFab and use them like the original DVD or CD. You can easily play your favorite game, music or software that needs a CD/DVD to run. With this software, you can easily run the captured images. One of its great advantages…

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  • AnyMP4 DVD Ripper

    Download AnyMP4 DVD Ripper v8.0.66 x64 + v8.0.30 x86

    DVD RipperDo you want to save a DVD movie to PC local drive? DVD disc could be easily damaged and is not very convenient to play DVD disc anytime and anywhere. So you are recommended to rip DVD to video for playback on any digital device like iPhone/iPad/iPod, Samsung, LG, HTC and more. AnyMP4 DVD Ripper, a powerful DVD Ripping software, helps you rip DVD movie into a variety of popular video and audio formats.You…

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  • CrystalDiskInfo

    Download CrystalDiskInfo 8.17.5 + Portable

    CrystalDiskInfo is a software for monitoring the health status of the hard disk (HDD/SSD) and displaying detailed and complete information about the hard drives installed on the computer (flash, temperature, serial number, model, total working time, standard interface, etc.) is. Also, CrystalDiskInfo software informs you how many times and how many hours your hard drive has been turned on. This software monitors the status of hard drives that use SMART technology and provides you with…

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  • CyberLink Power2Go Platinum

    CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 13.0.2024.0 Burn all kinds of discs

    CyberLink Power2Go is a useful and practical software with many features in the field of managing various CDs and can be a powerful competitor to Nero software. The most important features of CyberLink Power2Go software can be summarized in a very attractive user environment and support for all types of compact discs such as CD, DVD, HD DVD and even Blu-ray. Usually, users expect a management and burning software to be able to burn all…

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  • ImageUSB

    Download ImageUSB 1.5 Build 1003 – software for preparing images from flash memory

     ImageUSB 1.5 Build 1003 is a new and practical software in the field of image preparation from flash memory. As you know, nowadays flash memory devices are widely used in the digital world and have greatly reduced the use of CD/DVD compact discs. Due to the wide use of such memories, we decided to introduce a software to you, dear users, that allows you to copy flash disks. Using this program, users can create a…

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  • Rufus-3.10

    Download Rufus v3.20 Build 1929 – software for making USB drives

    Rufus is a small and useful software that helps you easily format and create bootable USB flash drives. The most important difference between Rufus and other programs for creating bootable USB drives is the speed of this program. According to Rufus developer, this program is twice as fast as programs like UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer or Windows 7 USB download tool. After downloading and running this software, you must first select your USB drive and…

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  • IsoBuster

    دانلود نرم افزار کپی و بازیابی اطلاعات سی دی های خش دار و قفل دار _ IsoBuster Pro v4.5 Build

    IsoBuster شاید شما هم از این که اطلاعات مهم ی از قبیل نرم افزار ،فیلم و عکس و … را روی یک CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD ذخیره کرده باشد ولی به علت اینکه دنیای از خش CD شما را فرا گرفته و برای شما غیر قابل استفاده شده ناراحت شده باشید! خب راه حل اینجاست، نرم افزار IsoBuster ، با این نرم افزار علاوه بر بازگردانی اطلاعات آسیب دیده میتوانید از…

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