• Download TMS Component Pack

    componentTMS Component Pack itself is a complete set of components for Delphi and C++ Builder.TMS component is a product of TMS Software company, which is a complete set of functional and beautiful components designed for RAD Studio or Delphi and C++ Builder environment. This component includes 19 types of functional component sets, each of which includes several Visual and Non-Visual components. These components are designed and implemented in different fields under the Embarcadero standard. The…

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  • Download JetBrains dotTrace Performance 5.2.1100.84

    JetBrains dotTrace PerformanceIt is a software that is added to Visual Studio and shows the amount of time that each line of the program needs to run

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  • Download TVideoGrabber

    TVideoGrabber is a video capture and media player component for developers working with C#, VB, C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and ActiveX-Compatible development tools, a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help you save time. And money and effort to have video and/or audio capabilities in your projects. This software is able to capture and save video and audio streams from USB HD webcams, USB analog recorders, IP cameras, HD cameras and camcorders, screens as well as from…

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  • Download Redgate Development Bundle 2015.01

    Download Redgate Development Bundle 2015.01

    Redgate Development Bundle 2015.01 Another product from RedGate to help developers

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  • Download Stimulsoft Reports 2017.2.2

    Download Stimulsoft Reports 2017.2.2

    Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a tool for creating reports in Win Forms and Asp.Net

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  • DevComponents DotNetBar

    Download DevComponents DotNetBar

    DevComponents DotNetBar includes all the things you will need to create a professional application in DotNet, DotNetBar for you styles and controls with the theme of Office 2010 and Office 2007, as well as calendar/scheduling and window It provides Dockable and advanced TreeView and Grid and many other controls.

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  • Download ComponentOne Ultimate v2020.3.1.457

    ComponentOne Studio Seven foundational programs, hundreds of controlled items, all gathered under one unique studio called ComponentOne Studio Ultimate. With this unique collection, you can create software for desktop, web and mobile environments that are used in the fields of WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, iPhone, Mobile and ActiveX. This collection provides you with the necessary technology that you need to attract any user with any taste. All the software in this collection are updated and…

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  • Download Red Gate .NET Reflector + Reflexil

    Red Gate .NET Reflector is a powerful software for displaying the compiled sources of .NET, with Reflector software you will be able to open .NET assembly files (dll, exe) and view their source.Features of RedGate ReflectorDebug the source code using the Visual Studio debuggerRestore .NET Visual Studio codesPowerful object browserRestore the sources to see how the program worksLearning or teaching the intricacies of .NETRecover lost source codesDependency analysis

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  • Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio 1.66.15908

    Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio 1.66.15908

    PHP Tools is a utility plugin that integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and extends it with support for the PHP language. The PHP Tools plugin is focused on developer productivity. PHP Tools provides intelligent code completion, quick navigation, error checking, code detection, code formatting, integrated PHP help, project system, debugging support, and more.Features of PHP Tools for Visual StudioHighlighting – reading the code using colorCode Validation – Check your code as typedIntellisense – Use intelligent…

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  • Download DevExpress Universal Complete 22.1.5 

    DevExpress is another best set of .NET programming components. DevExpress is built and optimized for desktop, web, and mobile developers DevExpress has over 500 unique products – all designed to empower companies and help create stunning, high-performing software teams. Is.DevExpress Universal includes:WinFormsWPFUWPDesktop ReportingASP.NET Web FormsASP.NET MVC & CoreBootstrap Web FormsJS – jQuery, Angular, React, VueBlazorWeb Reporting

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