Graphic design

  • Mocha Pro/Adobe/Avid Plugin 2022.5 v9.5.4.15

    Download Mocha Pro/Adobe/Avid Plugin 2022.5 v9.5.4.15

    Mocha Pro/Adobe/Avid Plugin 2022.5 v9.5.4.15 Mocha Today, many animations are created and entered the market, and the creation of these animations requires a very strong software so that a very professional animation can be made with its tools and facilities. Mocha Pro is the name of the software by which you can create a full opponent animation. This software with its features such as a very professional work environment, sending files to software (Autodesk Smoke,…

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  • Autodesk-Inventor-2023

    Download Autodesk Inventor Professional 2023.1 x64 – Industrial parts design software

    Inventor Pro 2023Autodesk Inventor software provides professional-grade engineering solutions for 3D mechanical design, simulation, tool creation, and design communication that help you make great products, cost-effectively, in less time. Inventor is the foundation of the Autodesk solution for product development. The Inventor model is an accurate 3D digital model that enables you to validate the form, fit, and function of a design as you work, minimizing the need to test the design with physical prototypes.Features…

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  • Autodesk-Inventor-Professional-2022

    Download Autodesk Inventor Professional 2022.3 x64 – Industrial parts design software

    Inventor Pro 2022Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software products offer a comprehensive, flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, engineer to order, and design communication. Inventor takes you beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping by enabling you to produce an accurate 3D model that can help you design, visualize, and simulate your products before they are built. Digital Prototyping with Inventor helps companies design better products, reduce development costs, and get to…

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  • Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for Adobe 2022.52

    Download Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for Adobe 2022.52

    Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins is a software that is used as a plug-in in Adobe software, with which you can create natural and stunning effects that cannot be found in any other effect tool. Key features of Boris FX Sapphire include 270 effects and over 3,000 layouts, a powerful transition builder, tracking functionality, and an integrated Mocha Oscar-winning mask. High image quality, control and high processing speed make this program save a lot of time.…

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  • Adobe-Master-Collection-2022

    Download Adobe Master Collection 2022 v25.08.2022 x64 – the complete collection of Adobe 2022 software

    Aobe Master Collection provides robust solutions for editing and growing. It features various types of software that contain functionality and their particular specialization. This package includes Photoshop Lightroom, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Animate Character, Prelude, Dreamware, Aftereffects, Bridge, and Premiere Pro. It comprises a selection of tools for creating and creating impressive graphics. This application covers enormous space on the hard disk drive, on account of the full range of application. For enhancing their…

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  • Adobe-Photoshop

    Download Adobe Photoshop 2022 v23.4.2.603 + v23.0.1 x64

    Photoshop 2022 Adobe Photoshop 2022 – Reimagine reality with Photoshop. Millions of designers, photographers, and artists around the world use Photoshop to make the impossible possible. From posters to packaging, basic banners to beautiful websites, unforgettable logos to eye-catching icons, Photoshop keeps the creative world moving. With intuitive tools and easy-to-use templates, even beginners can make something amazing.The creative world runs on Photoshop. Millions of designers, photographers, and artists around the world use Photoshop to…

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  • Beautify for Adobe Photoshop

    DownLoad Beautify for Adobe Photoshop 2.0.0+CRACK

    Beautify for Adobe Photoshop is a professional and powerful plugin for beautifying images for Photoshop. This program is actually a special tool for Photoshop to meet the needs of many photographers (amateur to professional). This plugin was designed by a group of experts so that you can give your images a beautiful and attractive look. If you have a professional activity in the field of photography, this practical plugin enables you to give your images…

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  • Proteus Professional

    دانلود نرم افزار طراحی مدارهای الکترونیکی _ Proteus Professional 8.10 SP3 Build 29560

    Proteus Professional نرم افزاری برای طراحی خودکار مدارات الکتریکی می باشد. Proteus مجموعه ای از یک سیستم شبیه سازی مدارات بر مبنای مدل های اجزای الکتریکی در PSpice است. یکی از ویژگی های متمایز Proteus Professional امکان مدل سازی از دستگاه های قابل برنامه ریزی مانند میکروکنترلرها، میکروپروسسورها، DSP و … می باشد. این برنامه شامل مدل هایی از اغلب قطعات الکترونیکی برای شبیه سازی های تخصصی و برمبنای استانداردهای این حوزه می باشد. می…

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  • Maxon Cinema 4D Studio

    دانلود نرم افزار طراحی و مدل سازی 3 بعدی _ Maxon Cinema 4D Studio S22.123

    Maxon Cinema 4D Studio نام یک نرم افزار قدرتمند و شناخته شده در زمینه طراحی 3 بعدی و شبیه‌سازی رایانه‌ای است که میلیون‌ها کاربر مختلف از سراسر دنیا نسبت به کاربرد فوق‌العاده آن به خوبی آگاهی دارند. دنیای نرم افزارهای رایانه‌ای روز به روز در حال پیشرفت‌هایی است که شاید در آینده‌ای نزدیک، برخی از آن‌ها را به سختی بتوان هضم کرد! امروزه نرم افزارهایی وجود دارند که طراحان با استفاده از آن می‌توانند یک…

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  • Adobe XD CC

    دانلود نرم افزار ساخت رابط کاربری سایت و موبایل _ Adobe XD CC 32.1.22 x64 Win/Mac

    Adobe XD CC Adobe Experience Design CC نرم افزاری جدید و قدرتمند از کمپانی ادوبی (Adobe) به منظور طراحی رابط کاربری (UI) برای سایت و موبایل است. همانطور که می‌دانید، یکی از قسمت‌های اساسی هر برنامه یا وب‌سایت، بخش رابط کاربری آن به شمار می‌رود؛ چرا که کاربران به طور مستقیم با آن سر و کار دارند. به همین دلیل، در زمان طراحی نمای کلی رابط کاربری، می‌بایست حساسیت‌های ویژه‌ای را لحاظ کرد. اگر شما…

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