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  • shotcut

    Download ShotCut 22.09.23 Win/Mac/Linux

    ShotCut If you are a home user and you don’t need special professional effects and special effects to edit your clips and videos, you don’t need to use a professional software to edit your videos, you can install the software. ShotCut application has the most important video editing tools at your disposal. ShotCut is the name of a simple and free editor to edit and work on home video files, which supports most audio and…

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  • WiFi-Explorer-Pro-3.5

    Download WiFi Explorer Pro 3.5

    WiFi Explorer is a practical software in the field of wireless networks (WiFi) that provides the possibility of scanning, identifying and troubleshooting wireless networks. WiFi Explorer is capable of quickly identifying channel conflicts, signal overlaps, configuration issues that may affect the connectivity and performance of your home or office wireless network. Using the WiFi Explorer software, you can find detailed information including name (SSID), MAC address (BSSID), device manufacturer, signal strength (RSSI), interference, channel, band,…

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  • Download iNet Network Scanner 2.9.2 Mac

    Download iNet Network Scanner 2.9.2 Mac

    iNet Network Scanner is a useful software for network scanning in Mac operating system. Using the iNet Network Scanner program, you can get detailed information about the devices and networks that your Mac is connected to. The iNet Network Scanner application has a user-friendly interface where you can quickly start the search operation and search through the list of found devices or services. In this way, you can have an overview of the network, analyze…

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  • Download NetWorx 7.0.2 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable

    Download NetWorx 7.0.2 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable

    NetWorx is a simple and free software, at the same time, it is a powerful tool that helps to evaluate your bandwidth situation objectively. You can use it to collect bandwidth data and measure internet speed or other internet connections. NetWorx can help identify potential network problems and ensure that you are not exceeding the bandwidth limit set by your ISP, as well as be aware of suspicious network activity that is a hallmark of…

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  • ِDownload WiFiSpoof 3.8.5 Mac

    ِDownload WiFiSpoof 3.8.5 Mac

    WiFiSpoof is a simple but useful software for testing network security or bypassing specific network restrictions on Mac OS. Using the WiFiSpoof program, you can change your MAC address by pressing a key and without using the command line. Changing the system’s default MAC address can be used to help bypass some specific restrictions. This simple program is designed for Mac and can assign a new random MAC address to the device in the Wi-Fi…

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  • Audacity

    دانلود ویرایش حرفه ای فایل صوتی _ Audacity 2.4.2 Win/Mac

    Audacity یک نرم افزار منبع باز و رایگان است که با استفاده از آن به راحتی می توانید به ضبط و ویرایش رایج ترین فرمت های صوتی بپردازید. این نرم افزار داری یک رابط کاربری آسان و بسیار کاربرپسند است. از جمله قابلیت های آن، ویرایش از طریق COPY، CUT و PASTE اصوات، IMPORT و EXPORT کردن فایل های WAV، AIFF، MP3، OGG و …، میکس کردن چند TRACK، تعداد بسیار زیادی افکت های دیجیتالی…

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    دانلود نرم افزار (مجموعه) طراحی کورل‌ دراو _ CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Win/Mac + Extras

      CorelDRAW Graphics Suite نام مجموعه ای از بهترین ابزارهای طراحی گرافیکی می باشد. CorelDRAW یک نرم‌افزار ویرایشگر گرافیکیِ بُرداری است و نرم‌افزاری کاملاً حرفه‌ای برای طراحی گرافیکی است. شما با استفاده از نرم‌افزار CorelDRAW Graphics Suite می‌توانید وکتور را طراحی کنید یا به صورت کاملاً حرفه‌ای صفحه بندی را انجام دهید. طراحی چند بعدی و ابزاری مسیریابی این نرم‌افزار برای طراحی بسیار کارآمد هستند. قابلیت‌های ویرایش عکس این نرم‌افزار و ابزار طراحی وبسایت آن…

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  • CrossOver

    CrossOver 21.2.0 + Linux + Games 10.3 Mac OS X

      CrossOver is a useful and practical software for running Windows software on Macintosh and Linux operating systems. CrossOver provides this possibility, and by installing CrossOver, you can run Windows programs directly on your Mac.Just click the Open option and select the desired program‘s Exe file to see how it is installed and run on the Mac itself.Then, every time you need that program, you can open Cross Over and run your program easily without…

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  • Adobe Connect

    دانلود نرم افزار Adobe Connect برای شرکت در کلاسهای آنلاین

    با سلام به همراهان عزیز دارمش در این بخش برنامه ی Adobe Connect نسخه ی سمت کاربر را برای اتصال به کلاسهای مجازی معرفی کرده ایم . لازم به ذکر هست کاربران سطح Participants (دانشجویان) نیازی به نصب برنامه ندارند ومیتوانند با مرورگر وارد کلاس شوند. اما مدرسین میبایست نرم افزار را نصب کنند. حال برای اماده سازی سیستم با گامهای زیر نرم افزار و فلش پلیر را نصب میکنیم: ۱ : از بخش Add…

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  • Nox App Player

    Download NoxPlayer Win/Mac

    NoxPlayer is a useful software for people who are fans of Android and it allows you to run your Android apps and games in full screen on Windows. With this program, you can test and use Android applications without having an Android phone or tablet, exactly the same way in your Windows. This means that you can enjoy the app on your desktop just as you would on your mobile phone.

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