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دانلود پخش کننده تصویری

  • CherryPlayer

    Download CherryPlayer 3.3.1 + Portable – multimedia player software

    CherryPlayer 3.3.1 + Portable is the name of a new audio and video player software with simple and lovely features. This software is not just a simple player! This tool is able to play all your videos and music for you, with the help of this software there is no worry about format incompatibility. For example, similar applications force you to add newer features to your player by receiving updates and codecs. But we must…

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  • MKVToolnix

    Download MKVToolnix 70.0.0 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable

    MKVToolnix is ​​an application software for the MKV format, which is one of the popular formats for video files, which allows you to join an unlimited number of videos, audio and subtitles in one file. If you want to add or remove video, audio or subtitle tracks of an MKV file, or even want to create a new file based on video files in MP4, AVI or SRT, SUB, etc. formats. You can use MKVToolnix…

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  • BS.Player

    Download BS.Player.PRO.2.77.1092+ Portable

    BS.Player is a professional software for playing a variety of audio and video files by which users can run different multimedia formats. In BS.Player software, there is no longer the installation of accessories such as Codecs and other tools, and it is easy to see the desired image file. Also, BS.Player software is very suitable for distributing disks on the surface and display the image files on these disks in better quality than similar applications.…

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  • k-lite-codec-pack

    Download K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 17.2.0 

    K-Lite Codec Pack is a video playback software, which has the necessary Codecs to play all kinds of audio and video formats, so that after installing this collection, you can play most audio and video clips (WMA, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, DivX, AVI, WMV, RM, MOV, MP4) on your system. During installation, K-Lite Codec Pack also installs a Media Player Classic, which you can use instead of all the players in the system to…

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  • DVDFab Player

    Download PlayerFab + Portable

    DVDFab Player is one of the software in the field of playing videos, movies and music. PlayerFab software not only plays common formats, but also has the ability to play Bluray discs and Bluray folders and even ISO files. Also, this software fully supports 2D and 3D videos. PlayerFab software is able to easily distinguish between DVD and Bluray folders and use them automatically, and it can also display the information of a folder such…

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  • smplayer

    Download SMPlayer 22.7.0 + Portable

    SMPlayer is a very simple but professional multimedia player that has won many awards with its many features. This player, which has the ability to play and play all kinds of audio and video formats, also makes it possible to play DVD movies with the best quality. The software that makes it very easy to access the menus and options in the software itself due to having the appropriate graphics in terms of appearance.Features of…

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  • Windows-Media-Player-11

    دانلود Windows Media Player v11 Final نسخه ی نهایی ویندوز مدیا پلیر 11

    Windows Media Player پخش کننده صوتی و تصویری قدرتمند شرکت مایکروسافت است. این برنامه بر روی ویندوز های ویستا و جدیدتر به صورت پیش فرض نصب می باشد و می توانید از آن برای پخش انواع فرمت های صوتی و تصویری استفاده کنید. این پلیر در بین بسیاری از کاربران کامپیوتر محبوبیت دارد و برای پخش بعضی از شبکه های تلویزیونی Online مورد نیاز است. قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار Windows Media Player: – محیط…

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  • PotPlayer

    Download PotPlayer 1.7.21793 + Portable

    PotPlayer is one of the free, professional and popular players with support for sweet Persian language among Internet users, which supports a wide range of audio and video formats and includes skins with different themes that users can even coordinate with their operating system. . According to internet users, PotPlayer works even better than KMPlayer and supports all kinds of subtitles well, and the codecs in this software make you unnecessary to install additional codecs…

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  • Media Player Classic

    Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.9.23 + Portable

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a compact yet powerful software for playing almost all video and audio formats. This software is based on Media Player Classic and one of the best sets of multimedia codecs, and you can play many formats of audio and video files without the need to install external codecs. This software has various features such as DVD playback, the possibility of working with a second monitor, compatible with the latest…

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  • AquaSoft Stages

    Download AquaSoft Stages

    AquaSoft Stages is an easy-to-use software with which you can convert photos, videos and sounds into a presentation file in a few easy steps. The support of various effects and the ability to directly burn projects to disk is a feature of AquaSoft Stages software. With the help of this program, you can add a large number of photos, videos and music to your presentation file. The content is displayed directly in the main window…

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