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  • Windows 10 Business Editions 21H2 Build 19044.2006 VL

    Download Windows 10 Business Editions 21H2 Build 19044.2006 VL

    Windows 10 Business Editions 21H2 Build 19044.2006 VL Windows 10, the recommended version for installing Windows 10, Microsoft has officially released an alternative version of Windows 8.1 called Windows 10. Microsoft has returned the start menu, which was removed with the introduction of Windows 8.1, to the desktop environment of Windows 10, the search system in Windows 10 has been improved, and the support for the mouse and keyboard has also been improved. In its…

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  • medicat

    Download Symantec Ghost Boot CD

    Symantec Ghost Boot CD is a useful software for creating and restoring backup images of the entire hard disk, partitions or individual folders. Even if everything on the system seems to be broken, you can restore your system using the Symantec Ghost Boot CD program. With this software, you can backup your entire system and restore everything in case of hard disk failure or major problems in the system. The ability to save backup files…

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  • Goversoft.Privazer.Donors

    Download Goversoft Privazer Donors 4.0.50 + Portable

      Privazer is a practical software designed to protect personal information. The Privazer program scans the hard drive and shows all the information that was on it. Then it is possible to view the information and delete it permanently. In fact, this program shows the user the files left over from CD burning, Internet searching, and the use of instant messaging (IM-clients). Also, the Goversoft Privazer program has the ability to analyze the start menu,…

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  • Windows 10 Manager

    Download Windows 10 Manager 3.6.9 + Portable

    Windows 10 Manager is a practical and powerful software to optimize the speed of Windows, optimize the speed of Windows startup and shutdown, repair parts of Windows, clean the hard disk of duplicate and system files, fix possible problems and improve the security of Windows 10 and as a result The better performance of Windows is in doing your activities. The Windows 10 Manager program has dedicated tools for analyzing the hard disk, registry and…

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  • Windows & office crack & activator

    دانلود فعال ساز (کرک) ویندوز 10 و 8.1 – آفیس Windows & Office Activator 2010/2013/2016/2019

    فعال ساز ویندوز 10 – 8.1 و آفیس 2010/2013/2016 حتما پس از نصب ویندوز به اخطارهای اکتیو نبودن ویندوز مواجه شده اید. این نرم افزار توسط گروه ها کرکر ساخته شده که به سادگی و تنها چند کلیک ساده ویندوز شما را اکتیو نموده تا جایی که به سادگی به اینترنت وصل شده و ویندوز خود را از سرور رسمی مایکروسافت بروز رسانی نمایید.. فعال ساز ویندوز و آفیس KMSAuto Lite 1.5.6 ( پیشنهادی )…

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  • Rufus-3.10

    Download Rufus v3.20 Build 1929 – software for making USB drives

    Rufus is a small and useful software that helps you easily format and create bootable USB flash drives. The most important difference between Rufus and other programs for creating bootable USB drives is the speed of this program. According to Rufus developer, this program is twice as fast as programs like UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer or Windows 7 USB download tool. After downloading and running this software, you must first select your USB drive and…

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  • AIDA64

    Download AIDA64 Business 6.85.6300

    AIDA64 is one of the powerful tools for testing the performance of the operating system and software and hardware in home computers. AIDA64 can solve many system problems by giving enough information after testing the components installed on your system. The interesting and thought-provoking point of AIDA64 software is that at the end of each list of different parts, you will be directed to the website address of the manufacturer of the same program or…

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  • Okdo All to Pdf Converter

    دانلود نرم افزار تبدیل فایل ها به پی دی اف _ Okdo All to Pdf Converter Professional 5.8

    Okdo All to Pdf Converter نرم افزار ساده که با همان پرینتر مجازی فرمت های مختلف را به PDF که بسیار هم رایج است تبدیل می کند. این ابزار ساده هم در واسط کاربری و هم در استفاده به واسطه سازگاری با فرمت های مختلف و همچنین سازگاری با انواع استانداردها در سریعترین زمان ممکن کار تبدیل را انجام خواهد داد. تبدیل همزمان چند فایل با فرمت های مختلف ، امکان تنظیم کیفیت خروجی ،…

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  • bullzip pdf printer

    Download Bullzip PDF Printer Expert

    Bullzip PDF Printer is a simple software for generating and creating PDF files, using this program you can create PDF files from all content including photos and text in any format, this program is added to your system as a virtual printer. It is possible, with the difference that by using it, instead of printing on paper, your content will be converted into a PDF file. You can easily convert it to PDF files from…

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  • UltimateDefrag

    دانلود نرم افزار یکپارچه سازی ديسك سخت _ DiskTrix UltimateDefrag v6.0.40.0

    Ultimate Defrag به دلیل قدرت انعطاف پذیری جایگذاری فایل، قدرتمندترین Defrag کننده (یکپارچه کننده حافظه) در دنیا است. این نرم افزار هارد دیسک شما را از حالت پراکندگی درمی آورد و تکه های حافظه را به هم پیوند می دهد و به صورت استراتژیک فایل ها را درست در مکان ویژه در سطح فایل بر روی هارد دیسک شما قرار می دهد. با استفاده از ویژگی Defragger و بهینه سازی جایگذاری فایل، امکان Defrag کردن…

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