• App essentialFirefox Focus

    Firefox Focus 108.1.1 – Safe and anti-ad Firefox Focus browser + mod

    If you are among the fans of surfing the web, you have undoubtedly heard the name of Firefox! A browser that provides a unique experience to its users with its high speed. As one of the best Internet browsers among hundreds of powerful competitors, Firefox has managed to gain the trust of users and place its browser in millions of smart systems. As you know, due to the high potential of the Internet, profiteers have…

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  • App essentialChrome Canary

    Chrome Canary 111.0.5504.0 – Yellow Chrome web browser in development for Android

    When Google Chrome released its first version to users in 2008, Firefox and Safari were the two most used and unrivaled browsers for more than 10 years. Google Chrome entered this field with the aim of completely transforming the way of browsing the web and making it easier and more efficient as many internet browsers as possible. Today, Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used browser in the world and is used by…

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  • App essentialFirefox Nightly

    Firefox Nightly APK Download v 105.0a1

      We all know that the Firefox browser has been competing with Google Chrome for years and has been able to surpass it in many features. In this competition, the Firefox company has released three different versions of its browser to improve its capabilities as much as possible, and recently we all have seen the superiority of Nightly over the Beta and Developer Edition versions. Unlike Google Chrome, which pursues its goals only with the…

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  • BrowserComodo.IceDragon

    دانلود Comodo IceDragon مرورگر سریع و ایمن

    Comodo IceDragon نسخه جدید مرورگر اینترنتی سریع و ایمن شرکت معروف Comodo می باشد ، سورس اصلی این مرورگر بر مبنای مرورگر فایرفاکس و ترکیبی از ویژگی های اساسی از کد اصلی فایرفاکس با ویژگی های امنیتی Comodo می باشد ، در این نسخه ویژگی های امنیتی این مرورگر بسیار پیشرفت داده شده که از جمله آن می توان به بالا رفتن امنیت DNS اشاره کرد که در دیگر مرورگرها کمتر به آن توجه می…

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  • BrowserVivaldi

    Vivaldi 5.5.2805.38 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable Vivaldi browser

    Vivaldi is a new browser based on the Google Chrome browser and is a new competitor to Firefox and other browsers. Opera company, known for its famous browser for computers and mobile phones, has designed a new browser that solves the problems of Internet users in some areas. Most of the Internet users are facing the problem of a large number of tabs and not having a proper appearance in their display. This beautiful browser…

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  • Graphic and photo toolsfaststone-image-viewer

    دانلود FastStone Image Viewer 6.6 مدیریت عکس

    FastStone Image Viewer یک مرورگر، مبدل و ویرایشگر تصاویر سریع، پایدار و کاربر پسند است. این برنامه دارای یک آرایه خوب از ویژگی های است که شامل مشاهده تصویر، مدیریت، مقایسه، حذف قرمزی چشم، ایمیل، تغییر اندازه، برش و تنظیم رنگ می باشد. FastStone Image Viewer دارای خلاقیت بصری است. این نرم افزار در حالت تمام صفحه دسترسی سریع به اطلاعات EXIF، مرورگر تصویر بند انگشتی و قابلیت های اصلی را از طریق نوار ابزار…

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  • BrowserWaterfox

    Waterfox G5.1 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable Waterfox browser

    Waterfox browser is based on Firefox browser and is designed for 64-bit operating systems. In addition to high security, Waterfox includes all the features of Firefox for 32-bit Windows and has a higher speed that can load pages for you at a much higher speed. Also, you will be able to install all Firefox add-ons on WaterFox.

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  • Browsermaxthon-cloud-browser

    Download Maxthon Win/Mac+ Portable

    Maxthon is a modern, fast and multi-platform web browser with Night Mode, which has chosen Chromium as the new core (Chromium core has a series of famous features such as security and stability) and works with Bitcoin for the first time. It does.. In Maxthon 6, you can sync your browser data from local database to the cloud. If your Maxthon account has used and stored data in previous versions of Maxthon, this data will…

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  • Mobile phone tooliDevice.Manager

    iDevice Manager Pro دسترسی به فایل ها در آیفون

    iDevice Manager میتوانید به فایل های سیستمی آیفون در مک و ویندوز ،بدون نیاز به نصب هیچ برنامه جانبی مانند afc2add در آیفون دسترسی پیدا کنید . کافیست گوشی آیفون رو از طریق usb به مک یا پی سی وصل کنید تا به فایل های سیستمی دست پیدا کنید . این برنامه جایگزین عالی برای winscp -iphone box -iphone pc suit و غیره  هست ، چون این برنامه ها نیاز به نصب یک سری برنامه های…

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  • BrowserYandex-Browser

    Download Yandex Browser

    Yandex Browser Yandex Browser is a safe and professional browser that is easy to use, especially for searching and surfing the Internet. Yandex Browser uses the same engine that Google Chrome and Safari use for themselves, that is, the webkit search engine design, and the results are provided based on open and available sources. This browser not only guarantees you a high search speed, but by using the turbo system it has, it will be…

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