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Undoubtedly, Google search engine is the most powerful, the best and the most popular search service for users in the world, which by implementing various parameters and rules brings the user to the best possible result! This search engine, which is ten years old, is at the top of the top search engines and draws millions of visitors to different sites every day! As a user, you can easily access the Google search service by entering the address in your web browser and get millions of results by typing the word you want. Google company has released an application called Google App for the Android operating system so that users can reach the destination sites as easily as possible through this search engine! With the Google App software, you can search on Google easily and as quickly as possible, the features of this program will help you search in the best possible way and bring you the experience of the best search program on your Android phone. bring.
Some features and capabilities of the Google App Android application:
The possibility of easy search on Google through the application on tablets and phones
The possibility of searching in Google through text or speaking (voice)
Display similar words automatically when searching by the user
Access to all kinds of services and parts of Google, including video search, photo, etc
Having a stylish and professional widget for the home page and faster search
Extremely beautiful and simple user interface with excellent and unique design

Required system

Android 8.0+

How to Download

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