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Colorize it – Colorize Black and White Photos Premium

Cameras have a long history and a long time has passed since the invention of the first camera. During this relatively long time, different technologies for photography have been created and different ways of recording images have been created by different companies and people. At first, cameras were only able to record images in black and white and could not record colors. For this reason, all the images we have from years ago are in black and white. In fact, most of the valuable historical photos are in black and white, and this has made us unable to understand the details of the images with their colors. There are people who convert black and white images into color photos with their skills and using professional software. This process requires high expertise and a lot of time should be devoted to it. While most of us have neither the expertise nor the time required for this work. Instead, we have many black and white photos that we want to have in color. Today we are at your service with a program that was created to solve this problem. Colorize it – Colorize Black and White Photos is an application to colorize black and white images completely automatically, for the Android operating system, developed by reAImagine and published for free on Google Play. It is very easy to work with this Android program and all tasks are done automatically by the program and the user only needs to select his images from the gallery and introduce them to the program. In the development of this program, artificial intelligence and machine learning along with computer vision technology have been widely used to achieve the highest accuracy and quality. In fact, by observing many examples of black and white photos, this program has reached a high understanding of coloring images and can accurately guess the color of various objects and elements of the image and carry out coloring. Due to the need for high processing power, the necessary processing is not done on the phone and after selecting the image, the photo is transferred to an online server and all processing is done on the server. Therefore, to use this program, your phone does not need to have powerful hardware. Of course, you don’t have to worry about your privacy, because both the original images and the created images are completely deleted from the server memory after they are delivered to you, and no information about you remains on the server.

Required system

Android 6.0+

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