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AI RoboForm is one of the most secure programs for remembering passwords on different sites, this program saves the username and password and every time you log in to that site, it automatically enters the username and password and you You will enter that site quickly. In addition to saving passwords, this program is able to save all your personal information and helps you fill out membership forms quickly, one of the interesting features of this software, which is downloaded from Soft 98. What you do is that you can make a backup copy of the saved data and use the backup copy whenever you change your Windows.
General features of AI RoboForm Enterprise software:
It remembers all your passwords and logs you in automatically
It fills long forms with one click
It saves your passwords in coded form for complete security
It can generate random passwords that hackers cannot guess
It defeats Keylogger programs because it does not use the keyboard to enter passwords at all
Back up your passwords and use them on different computers
Update your passwords on other computers you use with GoodSync when you change your password
Move your passwords with Pass2Go, which does not require any installation (portable).
Ability to work on Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox browsers
Roboform is the choice of PCMagazine publishers and is recognized as the best software of the year by CNET

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